Self Service Automatic Coffee Machines

Looking for a fully automatic coffee machine for your office or corporate space? 

Our team of cuppa aficionados know the world of coffee machines like the back of their hands (or the bottom of their cups, more like), and our coffee machine suppliers of choice are Dr Coffee. With their great range of coffee machines for lease or purchase in Perth, we’ll find the right fit for you.

Here’s a few of our favourites…

The Dr Coffee F11

Catering for up to 30 staff, the Dr Coffee F11 is perfect for small offices or the home (a home with some big cuppa lovers, that is).

With an impressive touch screen system, ceramic grinder, dual mode brewing system and simple 10amps socket in one compact and tidy package, it’s like having a café quality barista sitting on your counter… if even more consistent.

Just add some freshly roasted Cuppa Cartel beans and that’s your daily cuppa fix, sorted. Find out more about our tasty trio of blends here.

Dr Coffee Minibar

The Dr Coffee Minibar

For larger corporate spaces of up to 60 staff, the Dr Coffee Minibar is for you.

This one is like having your own in-house barista at the office that can make anything your colleagues, clients or chief bigwigs request on demand – from cappuccinos to chai lattes and even hot chocolates.

With a built-in steam wand that allows you to easily steam your own milk, the Minibar caters to increasingly popular alternative milk choices too. Just hit the button and hey presto, you’ll have your jug of perfectly steamed milk (or ‘milk’).

This high capacity, fully automatic coffee machine also features automatic cleaning (told you it was good), a custom display screen with your company logo, and much more.

The Dr Coffee F2 Plus

Introducing the big one, the ultimate, the one that can make more than 500 cuppas a day (or chais, or hot chocolates)... the Dr Coffee F2 Plus. Now we’re talking!

With all the specs you’d expect, this machine is the largest in our range that makes up to 500 cuppas a day. Every corporate office’s best friend.

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