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Dr coffee F3 office coffee machine for hire Perth

Dr Coffee F3 Flagship Machine

We recommend this coffee machine for our valet coffee service customers.

Dr. Coffee's latest professional-grade coffee machine delivers café-quality beverages with the touch of a button.

Equipped with an imported European rotary pump, the F3 brews coffee instantly with precise control over every cup. Easily make iced coffees, hot chocolates, and more with the intuitive touchscreen interface.

A Premium Office Coffee Experience

The F3's professional milk frothing system creates smooth, delicate foam for lattes and cappuccinos.

With a high capacity double bean hopper and powder hopper, you'll also have the flexibility to produce an array of specialty drinks exactly to your liking, including iced coffees and hot chocolates.

The F3 allows you to customise beverage parameters to craft your perfect personalised coffee. It can even be programmed to preheat at customised times, ensuring exceptional taste in every cuppa!

Designed for Busy Offices

Need to rush off to a meeting? No need to skip the coffee! The vane pump brews coffee efficiently at super high speeds, with output increased 1.5x over previous models.

Automatic cleaning functions also ensure that maintenance between cuppas is easy, so you won't be waiting on your coworker to get your fix.

Designed for high volume public venues, the F3 delivers speed, customisation, and convenience - everything you need to brew premium office coffee with professional barista quality and consistency.

Dr Coffee F3 flagship office coffee machine hire Perth

Technical specifications

  • Daily output: 300 cups
  • Hourly hot water output: 27L
  • Bean Hopper: 2 x 1200g
  • Grounds container capacity: 100 Pcs (based on 10g/Shot)
  • Power Usage: 220-240V – 50/60Hz2600-3100W
  • Water Pressure: 80-600KPa (0.8-6Bar)
  • Dimensions: 340mm(W) x 540mm(D) x 830mm(H)
  • Weight: 48kg


Not the right coffee machine for your office? Check out Cuppa Cartel's full range of automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines. Whether you have 20 or 200 staff, we have a coffee machine to match your needs. Our office coffee machines have been specifically selected for their ease of use, versatility, and ability to reliably make an excellent cuppa!

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