Our Story

Hey Cuppa Lover, nice to meet you!

Our Story

Our cuppa story began when we, "The Don & Boss Lady" as known in the Cuppa Cartel familia, had the amazing opportunity to travel the world. With all the buzzing about from one airport to another the only thing that kept us going at any hour of the day was a good cup of coffee! We embarked on a decade long journey which was full of exciting adventures visiting very special places that at times could only be seen to be believed. Along our every day travels we would always find that hidden gem to enjoy our daily coffee fix, this then became part of our everyday life.

2020 a year full of surprises, for us it was the year we decided to pursue our love for coffee and bring Cuppa Cartel to life! We wanted to introduce delicious premium blends to your palate so you too could immerse yourself in the coffee world and revel in the notes that we indulged in. And so, we now have coffee that we can call our own.

We have met some extraordinary people so far on our journey and are so grateful for all of the encouragement, support and good vibes that we have had along the way. We thank you for sharing Cuppa Cartel with your friends, family, neighbours and work space, coming along for the ride with us and for loving our cuppa. We love being part of your everyday cuppa story too.

Welcome to the Cuppa Cartel familia!

~ Vee & Heidi ~

What’s Next With Cuppa Cartel

We would love to work with cuppa lovers like yourselves, businesses that are looking to set up in the future or are already set up but would like a change of blend, coffee trucks or any Individual/Company/Corporate entity that would like to have our blend as part of their morning routine.

Let us know how you would like to work together in the future for the love of the Cuppa!

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