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Corporate Coffee Services Perth

Corporate Coffee Services by Cuppa CartelWhether you’re a small start-up or an ASX listed enterprise, is there anything more important than office coffee?

From premium coffee beans and corporate coffee machines to full valet services, we have your office’s daily (or twice daily, or even hourly…) cuppa fix sorted.

“Nowhere is the daily cuppa fix more important than the office. It’s the breather from your desk where you do your best thinking, the rapport you build with your colleague as the grinder gets into gear, the fuel that sets you up for a day of success. Let’s make sure yours is up to the job.” 


Corporate coffee machines

Cuppa Cartel are your local Perth office coffee machine suppliers. Whether you're serving a small team or a large one, we've got you covered with our range of Dr Coffee office coffee machines that are perfect for any workplace.

We’ll help you lease or buy the right corporate office coffee machine for your needs, so you can worry about what’s really important… trying to decide which Cuppa Cartel blend you like best? (Trick question, you won’t be able to! Go ahead and choose all three)

Not to mention that your new corporate coffee machine, blends and the rest of our corporate coffee services are all 100% tax deductible. Now that’s a coffee you can really feel good about.

Our Office Coffee Machines


Corporate coffee beans supply

All our coffee blends are HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) certified, made from sustainable, ethically sourced beans and made using an efficient and environmentally friendly roasting process that reduces waste. 

But most importantly, they’re delicious. After a decade spent buzzing from one airport to another – from Colombia and Brazil to Costa Rica as well as Ethiopia – we’ve brought only the best notes home to you, so you can revel in them too. Think: velvety chocolate and caramelised demerara, tropical fruit and treacle..

In short, quality coffee at wholesale prices, delivered to your corporate office. 

Our Coffee Beans


Premium "Valet" Corporate Coffee Services

For the ultimate cuppa experience, Cuppa Cartel offers premium workplace valet services to ensure that your everyday cuppa is always at its best.

Our cuppa valet services go beyond just providing quality coffee beans and corporate coffee machines. Our personal attendants are at your office every morning between 6.00-8.00am to manage your machine and ensure that your coffee machine and milk fridge are always clean and well-maintained. We also order and supply stock, including your freshly roasted coffee beans, coffee machine cleaning chemicals, milk and other kitchen supplies. Our valet services also extend to the delivery and display of fruit and cakes, detailed food fridge cleans and kitchen maintenance. As a Cuppa Cartel client, you can expect regular surprise Pandan cakes, curry puffs and other delectables, especially on Wednesdays "Hump Day!"

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Why Choose Cuppa Cartel?

Being a part of Cuppa Cartel’s corporate familia means more than just a great cuppa experience.

Come for the cuppa, stay for the vibrant community and host of unique extras exclusive to our familia.

Curry puffs to spice up the mid-week blues? Hump day made better with surprise Pandan cake deliveries? Just the beginning.

As a Cuppa Cartel client, your office will also have access to special events and discounts with our Familia partners.

Ready to replace your old corporate coffee machine and introduce your office to a whole new world of flavour? 

Hit the button below to book a tasting at our showroom, or have us come to you! 

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