Premium Valet Coffee Services

For the ultimate in cuppa service, our workplace valet services will ensure your everyday cuppa experience is at its best, every day.

Your personal cuppa attendant 

If you’re wondering what exactly a cuppa valet is and what they actually do, let us take you on a journey.

Think Business Class Lounge, Cuppa Cartel style! A valet is a personal attendant that sees to your every need, before you even know you need it. So in our case, that means a milk fridge that’s always stocked, a dishwasher that starts every day sparkling, a supply of premium coffee beans, and most importantly, a machine that’s ready to go the moment you walk in in the morning. 

In short, we ensure your office has a clean, well maintained coffee machine, every day. Your cuppa valet will be at your office between 6.00-8.00am every morning to manage your machine on a day-to-day basis and perform a range of valet coffee services including:

  • Start up and operational checks of coffee machine
  • Daily cleans of our top of the range coffee machines
  • Coffee machine and milk fridge maintenance
  • Stocktake of all consumables, coffee, milk and other kitchen supplies as requested
  • Replenishment of all consumables, coffee, milk and other kitchen supplies
  • Distribution of milk, monitoring of use by dates and rotation where necessary

But it’s not just your cuppa that’s taken care of, our valet services also extend to: 

  • Delivery and display of fruit and cakes to staff kitchen and break out areas
  • Display of daily newspapers and magazines
  • Detailed food fridge cleans
  • Emptying and packing of the dishwasher each morning
  • Ensuring the kitchen sink, benches, cupboards and microwave are wiped clean

And because we’re Cuppa Cartel and we’re all about bringing you big flavours and even bigger smiles, you can expect our premium valet coffee services to come with a regular supply of surprise Pandan cakes, curry puffs and other delectables, especially on Wednesdays... Happy Humpday!  

To find out more about our premium valet services hit the button below and let’s talk about your new cuppa experience.

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