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In a relationship with coffee? Let’s take it to the next level!

In a relationship with coffee? Let’s take it to the next level!

From espresso shots to flat whites, these caffeinated beauties make up for a good share in our bloodstream while we try to figure out everything else in life, be it gearing up for that meeting presentation or juggling our daily work-life balance with early starts, long days and catchups. This social liquid gold forms our coffee culture, so the sheer idea of living life through coffee breaks is precisely what makes these modern coffee machines so appealing.

But what is so special about these coffee machines? 

Well, we’re about to spill the beans :P A coffee machine is nothing without the coffee beans that give it life and meaning. And the special thing about our coffee machines is that they come with our curated sustainable and ethically sourced HACCP certified coffee beans, which will be the most delectable thing you have right after you wake up in the morning and a steady dose of throughout the day to keep you going. Getting through all of those errands would otherwise seem like an impossible task!  

Another unique appeal about living your life with well-spaced fun coffee breaks from Cuppa Cartel-approved coffee machines is that no matter how large or small your space is, we’re just a call away from helping you lease or buy the right corporate office coffee machine for your ‘energy level’ needs, so you can worry about what’s REALLY important, like that fun break we were talking about ;) Before we forget, another important point that will get you going for these fantastic sleek drip-style beauties is – your new corporate office coffee machine, new cuppa blends and the rest of our corporate coffee services (we’ll come to that soon enough) are all 100% tax deductible. Now that’s another reason to get that well-deserved coffee break!  

But hold on, let’s answer the most important question that we think you have –

Why choose Cuppa Cartel?  

Well, firstly, after a decade of buzzing about from one airport to another, the beans have been CHOSEN with care from Colombia and Brazil to Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, as well as Ethiopia. We finally had coffee that we could call our own, so we decided everyone should get to revel in velvety notes of chocolate, caramelised demerara, tropical fruit, treacle and more! It’s not just the coffee that tastes amazing, it’s the Familia you will be a part of if you choose Cuppa Cartel. A family of vibrant members gives you extra perks, like invitations to events and exclusive discounts with our Familia partners.  

Let’s give you a little run down of our special office coffee blends that are here to satisfy your senses while you decide which machine to bet your success on: 

  • Signature Blend – The OG of our cuppa story. An aromatic twist combining Colombian, Guatemalan and Ethiopian beans. This one has a refined texture, medium-bodied balanced complexity with flavourful notes of chocolate, demerara, mandarin and tropical fruit. 
  • The Don – A true born leader with exceptional values, brilliance in building a strong Familia and most importantly, a gentleman of taste. Full-bodied, Brazilian-Colombian dark chocolate roast with attractive traces of brown sugar and treacle, creating a smooth and long-lasting aftertaste. 
  • La Chica – This beauty brings a beautiful twist to her colourful life as a blend of El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica. Imagine a chocolate Mars bar with notes of dried fruits full of flava. An all-rounder that leaves you wanting more!


There's more... 

For those who appreciate a cuppa so much that you have now decided to pursue a business in coffee :) We can help you set up new commercial coffee machines for an existing café or a complete fit-out for your brand-new venture. When we say a complete fit-out, we mean it. We’ll be here to guide you and provide the necessary recommendations that will help your business grow. From designers who will help you set the space up from scratch to ensuring your operations are as smooth as our coffee (keeping in mind the budget you need to work with). We will also provide training for making those patrons come through your door daily. We have full faith in our blends, but since it's you and your business at the end of the day, we will also give you a whole tour on tasting success while you’re on one of your coffee breaks!


We think you’re ready to take your relationship with coffee to the next level, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get in touch!  



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