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Why are coffee breaks good for productivity?

Why are coffee breaks good for productivity?

There is a brouhaha about a brewed gold liquid in workplaces, and it seems like it has the potential to take over the traditional work culture. It is the coffee breaks! 

In fact, if you are sitting at your office desk, chances are you are just back from a coffee break or craving a cup of joe.

As much as all of it is new, these cuppa beauties are no more just a wake-up call; it has led to millions of workers leaving their desks piled up with work to join the caffeine clan.  And now, be it espresso, drip-style coffee or soy latte, these cool beans have been an allure for people from the chaotic reality. What is all the hype?

Let us dive into some of the reasons why Cuppa Coffee breaks are espresso-ly important in workplaces: 

No room for stress!

Amidst large workloads, deadlines, and exhausting tasks, stress and an anxious work environment may seem like a regular day to you. But you are just a single Cuppa away from the much-needed peace. In fact, the best part is our office coffee machines are jammed with all the elements that could relieve you in no time. Essentially, our coffee contains ingredients that reduce stress by inhibiting brain receptors that release stress-inducing chemicals. This is your sign to add coffee breaks in your routine every day because even researchers believe that these caffeine beauties have the power to reduce your stress. 

The unsaid weapon for productivity.

Sure, coffee breaks can impact your work hours, but the time away from your workload only affects your productivity. All these pretty little lattes increase concentration, decrease mental fatigue, and improve work performance. During work breaks, the energy Cuppa helps focus on the endless to-do lists, improving the ability to think of new ideas and pour your creativity out. The brain works more efficiently when given coffee, enhancing performance and memory. And this is how we know if you take a coffee break, your productivity soars, and you make fewer mistakes because you are more alert.

Meet the friends in your workplace buddies.

"Hey, want to go for a coffee break?" 

It will not be too late when you hear this question quite often. And before you know your escape from reality will just turn into a cuppa break with your buddies. These friendships make for a strong team that will work well and support one another. As a result, the workplace will have a positive atmosphere because don't we all agree that the bond we make over coffee stays forever? 

Find the brimming ideas in our coffee machines.

The truth is, you do not really pour coffee into your cup; it is more of the got-an-amazing-idea starter pack. While you may run out of innovative ideas once in a while, you are just a Cuppa coffee machine away from all the ideas that can make a change. Not just it gives you energy, but it actually increases your focus and brainstorming towards a new idea! In fact, the instant energy boost you get from just one cup of joe can make you believe you are no less than a Flash. Oh, we all love it, don't we?

There are hectic schedules and pending deadlines, and then there are these brilliant Cuppa Cartel office coffee machines just here to make your life easy. From keeping you awake amidst the long meetings to giving you new ideas every now and then, you know who to count as your saviour (quite literally!).

Take it from us when we say that Cuppa Cartel can become your favourite ally. Ah, wonder why we are so sure about it? 

Because dear Familia, our daily fix is not just your regular coffee beans but specially crafted local roasts that bring in a variation in taste and a perfect way to make interesting latte memories. We have always aimed not just to give you the best cuppa experience but hoped to take you on a whole new journey. Isn't that why we dared to go on these exciting adventures to pick the cool beans and make them a part of your life?

And now that you are part of us, you are just a Cuppa coffee away to channelise the inner ninja!

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